line of creative LED display solutions further expand the creative flexibility and scalability already offered among our diverse product line of modular LED video tiles. VYSYS DYNAMIC is capable of producing LED displays in unique shapes and forms. With expanded flexibility to precisely define its specifications for size, resolution, rigging and integration.

Available Forms:

  • 3D LED Displays including Flat and Rounded
  • Curved LED Displays
  • LED Ring Displays
  • Wedge LED Displays
  • Hexagonal/Octagonal LED Displays
  • Multi-Sided LED Displays
  • Transparent LED Displays
  • and More

Zhenji LED custom product development programs . Zhenji LED excels at working closely with OEM Partners throughout the product realization process to design and manufacture the perfect custom LED solution for their applications. With this focused approach, Zhenji LED adds value to any product offering, from the simplest custom shapes and sizes to the most complex requirement. 



Univisual Fascia&banner LED Display is designed to meet the unique requirements of stadiums and other outdoor venues. Whether displaying advertisements, animations, promotions, scores or statistics, Univisual ribbon board line provide a bright, uniform image that ignites the game-day experience.





Product Design

Zhenji LED possesses comprehensive expertise in mechanical, electrical, and optical design. Placing considerable value on aesthetics and utilizing the best CAD and LED Display modeling software available, we collaborate with you to create detailed designs, drawings, and schematics.




Production & Supply Chain

To Zhenji LED, the manufacture of high quality products with short lead-times is critical to delivering best-in-class customer service. Thanks to our international production sites and our global fulfillment centers, we offer you efficient and sustainable logistics so you have product on-time.




Zhenji LED utilizes the latest in high resolution  equipment and a broad variety of resins to quickly produce high-tolerance and accurately detailed prototypes.






Zhenji LED utilizes the latest in high resolution  equipment and a broad variety of resins to quickly produce high-tolerance and accurately detailed prototypes.

Creative LED Display Solutions

Indoor? Outdoor? Stacking? Hanging? Curved? Flexible? Don’t forget to come to us. We can customize the shape, pixel pitch and brightness of the LED display to meet every specific needs, helping customers to better deliver their brand concept and information. We believe a solution can always be found, right now, we have gained a lot of practical experience

Zhenji LED works closely alongside its clients to meticulously design and engineer a custom, creative LED solution that can provide exceptional performance, function. and reliability in every aspect that is backed by second-to-none after-sales support.

Detailed down to every pixel, Zhenji LED service can be designed as a full turnkey solution that can be suited for permanent installations or touring performances that are applicable for both indoor and outdoor applications while continuing our desire to offer the most advanced LED technology at the highest-specification.

Limitless Design Possiblities — Expanded