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From the largest single-sided display in Times Square to traditional-sized roadside billboards, our advertising range is not small,  its influence is always great.


You’ll be impressed in just a few seconds, and our scalable technology can be used for everything from amazing high-quality images to dynamic video with real-time feeds and interactive features in real time. .


                                                           Drive through, walk or travel long distances - Univisual can take you inside.

LED advertising display with the advantages of high definition, high brightness, colorful, distinct theme, unique design, synchronous video playback, etc is regarded as the most popular media adverting way. LED display system is the basic carrier for transmitting various messages, undertaking the task of publishing news, messages, culture and business information in real time and spreading latest news to the public at first time with marked display effect. In such situation, LED display could give full play to its superior video function and color expression, and do good to beautify the environment and improve environmental facility in the meantime.


Advertising Display Examples